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The Life and Times of Feyth

the musings of a college student

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I'm a singer (quietly...when no one is around), a dancer(with two left feet), an actor(in the background),a student(always), a femi-Nazi(yay amanda), a poet(with or without a pen), a journalist(without a newspaper), a geek(forever), a child (at heart)
I attend St. Bonaventure University and major in English. I plan on going into student affairs for grad school.
I'm from a small, small suburb of Buffalo. I had a tight group of friends, most of which I managed to scare away by now (thank goodness, we were starting to get attached). I'm in limbo right now...I'll figure it all out in time. All you need is a D 20 and a magic missal (bags of holding help for hiding the evidence).